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EPS 1000VA Line Interactive UPS USB & RJ-11


EPS UPS – uninterruptible power supply, we provide a comprehensive range of systems from small stand-alone units, to large rackmount systems
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For Desktops and PC Peripherals

– Compact and light Weight

– Provides Overload Protection

– Automatic Voltage Regulation

– Provides Surge Protection

– Smart USB Communication Port

– Automatic Shutdown when Battery is Low

– Microprocessor Control Guarantees Reliability

– Automatic Input Voltage Regulator

– Able to Start up without AC Connected

Tech specs

Model EPS-1000VA
Input Voltage Window 100/110/120/220/230/240VAC Nominal -25%+25%
Frequency 50Hz
Inv. O/P Waveform PWM Simulated Sine wave
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz +/-1Hz
Capacity 1000VA
Regulation +/-3%
Transfer Time 2ms typical; 5ms maximum
Battery Types Lead-Acid maintenance-free
DC Bus 12V/4.5AH
Number 2 PCE
Recharge Time Typically 8 hours to 90% charged
Run Time 10-30 minutes depending on load connected
Protection Over/Under Volt. Switch to Bat. O/P when Mains over regulation range
Overload/Short Fuse & current limited for both mains and Battery modes
Low Battery Two stages; no battery drain after cut off
Noise Filtering EMI/RFI full time suppression
Mechanical Socket Type IEC, NEMA5-15R, German, French,
Socket No. (pcs) IEC*4 +IEC wires
Dim (L*W*H)mm 360×115×160
Weight (kgs) 9
Shipping Wt. 9.5
Environment Ambient 0-40 degree C, 0-90% non-condensing
Audible Less than 35 dBA (1M distance)
Warning LED on Front AC Normal: Green LED Steadily; Backup: Yellow LED intermittently
Signals Beeping Alarm On Battery, Battery Low and Overload
Communication Port USB
Tel/Fax/Modem Protection RJ11
Cold Start The UPS can be activated without Utility Power

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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