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BNS + SVIDEO TO VGA Adapter box

R399.00 R320.00

This BNC TO VGA Converter allows you to convert a composite BNC video signal to a VGA signal, therefore allowing you to use a standard VGA / SVGA computer monitor with devices that have BNC video outputs such as some surveillance DVRs, security cameras, multiplexers, and quad video processors. This video converter is compact in size and features easy plug and play installation. 12vDC adapter is included.


  • Make any standard VGA computer monitor into a CCTV video monitor
  • Compact size, plug and play installation
  • Brightness, contrast, color NTSC tint control
  • Output Resolution: 800 x 600@60HZ, 800 x 600@75HZ, 1024 x 768@60HZ
  • 1 BNC video input
  • 1 S-video input
  • 1 VGA signal input
  • 1 VGA signal output
  • DC-5V outside power supply included
  • Image freeze
  • This Converter unit can convert AV Video (BNC or RCA), S-Video or. VGA signal into VGA signal to a PC computer or Component Video.
  • (Y/Pb/Pr) signal to a High Definition Television (HDTV). With great high resolution video quality
  • Allows you to watch video from camera on your PC monitor, Connected to AV video port.
  • Allows you to Watch video from VCD/DVD on your PC Monitor.  Connected to S video Port.
  • Compatible to both PC and MAC.

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